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Following the success of the first conference in 2002 in Seoul, Korea, the international conference, ISOFIC (International Symposium on Future I&C for Nuclear Power Plants), has been held every three years. We are proud to announce that ISOFIC 2024 will be held December 3-6, 2024 at Booyoung Resort in Jeju, Korea. The ISOFIC 2024 promotes academic and practical information exchanges mainly on the topics of innovative Instrumentation and Control (I&C), and human-system interface technologies. The scope of the conference includes, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Advanced I&C technologies for Nuclear Applications

  • Artificial Intelligence Applications to Surveillance, Diagnostics, Prognostics, and Control

  • Automation and Autonomous Operation

  • Common Cause Failures (CCFs)

  • Cyber Security

  • Digital Twins

  • Human Factors Engineering

  • Human Reliability Analysis

  • Human-System Interface Design

  • I&C for Advanced Reactors and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

  • I&C for Decommissioning of Reactor Technologies

  • Modernization of I&C and Control Room

  • Resilience Engineering

  • Robotics and Automatic Remote Technologies

  • Safety Critical Software Development and Qualification

  • Safety Culture

  • Sensing, Processing, and Communication

  • Surveillance, Diagnostics, and Prognostics

  • System Reliability and Risk

  • System Simulation Technologies

  • Testing, Maintenance, and On-line Monitoring

  • Wireless Technologies in Nuclear Applications


More details about the conference can be seen in the website ( Selected papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of the international journal of Nuclear Engineering and Technology after the conference.   

Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards will also be given, after evaluation by a specifically-appointed panel, to those works that contribute most to the advancement of innovative technologies in the conference’s areas of interest. Best Presentation award will be given to the paper presentations which best inform the audience and engage them in developing a clear understanding of the engineering concepts. 

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